Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Letter to my Five Year Old


Today you are five. FIVE! A 'whole hand' old. I made the mistake of watching some of your baby videos. Bad idea, momma. I don't think any of your birthdays before have been so bittersweet. Five just seems so 'old'. You are going to be in Kindergarten before I know it. If I'm being honest, I want you to stay four forever. Then on the other hand, it is so fun to watch you grow into the little person you are becoming. How can it be that you have only been in our lives for five years? I can't imagine a time when you weren't here - when every decision I made wasn't affected by you or your sister.

You have grown up SO much this past year. You are officially a little BOY, a little man. No more toddler anything. Pretty soon I won't be buying your clothes from the toddler section, but the boy's section. I used to look at those clothes and think how big they were. That is just unreal to me.

What can I tell you about your self now that I don't want to forget? You have become so imaginative and creative. This summer, you really took an interest in coloring, painting and drawing. Being an artist myself, I was so excited to see you take this interest on. And you are really good at it too. Even your teachers have bragged on your 'artistry' skills. Almost everyday you ask us to draw the outlines of something (usually a train or sometimes flowers for mommy) and you will sit down with your colors and go at it until you feel it is done. But you have such 'perfectionist' tendencies, which daddy and I have no idea where they came from. You get so angry if something doesn't look just right or if it doesn't go exactly like you have in your mind. Let's try to 'roll with the punches' a little better our 5th year, ok?  

You started t-ball last Spring and daddy and I were so proud watching you. You loved to hit the ball, but preferred to watch everyone else tumble over the ball in the outfield. 

Trains. You still love trains. You are the only child I know that could sit and give your undivided attention to a documentary on locomotives on the History channel then ask to watch it again. You know more about trains than I do. I don't know where it comes from, but I can't imagine there will ever be a time when you won't dream of being a train conductor or pray that we get stopped by one when nearing a track. 

You are so curious and smart. You must ask one hundred questions a day, and some of them are tough. I know I'm bias, but you are so wise beyond your years in many ways. 
You are so imaginative as well. You love to make up stories, and can play for hours with your legos, trains, tractors and cars. 

You have such a kind heart. You are always plucking a wildflower out of the yard (or a weed, sometimes a pinecone) for me. You draw me about 5 things a day "to hang in my office" and you are so generous with your hugs and snuggles. Sometimes I worry though, please don't ever want you to be too worried about what others think. 

And can I just talk for a minute about how good of a brother you are? It has been so fun to watch you develop in that role, and you continually impress us. I mean, let's be honest, little sister is something else. And she is always up in your business. Then when she is not poking around in your stuff, she is hitting you because she thinks it is funny. But you are so patient and gentle with her. You are our eyes when we are not right there with her - if she is doing something dangerous or something she shouldn't be, you are right there to let us know. Sometimes, I catch you randomly hugging her or kissing her on the head. She swats you away, but you don't care. She is so lucky to have you. 

You are still such a momma's boy. Please don't ever change that. Every night after prayers, you say "lay down with me, but not for just a minute." Then you give me the best "squeeze" in the world. I love you so much my little man. Time has flown by with you in our lives. Happy Birthday! 

Letter, Year Four

Thursday, August 8, 2013


I haven't updated this ol thing in a while. I honestly am losing my desire to, but I know I will regret it one day of I don't record what is going on in our life and all of Elise's milestones. I was so diligent with Leyton and I love looking back and seeing what he was doing at different points and I know I will want the same for baby girl.

We are walking everywhere! She began walking about 2 weeks after her birthday. She caught on so fast and quit crawling completely within 4 days. She is into everything and leaves a path of destruction behind her everywhere she goes.

Dancing. Perhaps the cutest thing ever. I NEED to capture this on video.

Elise has had a huge language explosion. She is chattering constantly and tries to imitate us all the time. Some of her new words:
cracker ("qua-kah") she draws it out and says it slow. It is adorable. Every food item is a cracker.
water ("wa-wa")
bottle ("bah-bah")
diaper ("pi-pah")
puppy ("puppah"). Every living thing that is not a person is a puppy to her. Cows, deer, birds, you name it.
ball ("baaawl") She drags her words out like the true Southern Belle that she is.
Leyton ("yeh-yeh")
She loves to eat and is now on table foods. Her current favorites are crackers with hummus, cheese, cantaloupe, banana and has so far done well with most things I cook.

She goes non-stop all day long. She is just absolutely precious and we are enjoying every minute with her. 

Here are some recent pics...


 pics from when Leyton decided he wanted to be a purple monster

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy First Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Precious Girl,

Today you are ONE. One whole year! The past 12 months have been so wonderful and joyful with you in it. You have completed our little family. I have to admit I was nervous about adding another little person to the mix. Can I handle two kids? What am I going to do with a little girl? But, Elise, I can't imagine our little family without you. I see how much we needed you, how much I wanted you. You bring us joy everyday. You are perfect. 

You must have known that your brother put mommy and daddy through the ringer when he was a newborn. Thank you for going easy on us. When we brought you home, you were so squishy, round and perfect. I couldn't put you down. Before you were born, your daddy and I swore up and down that we were going to play hardball and put you down to sleep in your crib from the beginning. You can guess how that worked out. I was content snuggling you day and night. 

Looking at you is like looking at myself back in time. I just knew that you were going to have dark eyes, hair and skin like your daddy. I never thought you would be a spitting image of me. You are so round and perfect. You still only have two little teeth, bless your heart. Most people always comment on your cheeks and thighs. You get them honestly, baby girl, and will probably never outgrow them. 

Lately, you have been a real handful. Just about the only time you aren't into trouble is when you are asleep. I have fished lint, rocks, string and other things out of your mouth. When I'm not paying close enough attention, you empty out any drawer or cabinet you can get your hands on. You leave a path of destruction everywhere you go. You like to throw your food on the floor as well as your cup, look down and say "uh-oh." You pull up and cruise around every surface and have such fun pulling cups and plates on the floor. You are sneaky and you are fast. No matter what, you always seem to 'one-up' me. But then you are such a sweet angel. So precious. If you would let me I would hold you and kiss on your cheeks all day long. You love to sing. Right now your favorites are "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Patty Cake," "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." You love to sing along with me and can sound out parts of the song while you rock your body to the rhythm. 

You adore your brother and he can do no wrong in your eyes. You follow him all over the house and terrorize him. You will stop short of nothing just to make him laugh and when he does you just light up like a Christmas tree. He loves you so. Whenever you do something new he just beams with pride. He will run and tell me "Momma, Elise just stood up in the middle of the floor holding on to NOTHING!" He loves to tell other people every new trick you can do. He watches out for you and hates to see you upset. When you hurt yourself and cry, he cries too. Now that you have started to take over his toys, we have had a few brawls. You have been good for him. He needed you. It makes my heart swell to see you two grow together. You will never know life without him. 

You are also such a daddy's girl. You probably say "dada" more than any other word. When he walks in the door you take off on all fours as fast as you can go, whining all the way, like you can't believe he ever left you. He just adores you, Elise. He wanted a little girl so badly and you have had him wrapped around your finger since first glance. 

I am enjoying every minute with you. I am not ready for you to grow out of a baby yet.  It's almost as if you know I'm not ready so you have taken your time in doing things. Yesterday, you fell asleep in my arms while we were in the rocking chair, which you never do. So I just rocked you and snuggled your sweet head. I think you knew I needed that. You are my sweet, precious, angel baby and I thank God every day for you. 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

11 Months Old

I think I'm always so late posting these because I'm in such denial that she is growing up. I can't believe I'm planning a birthday party already.

She is pulling up on everything. And pulling things off any surface she can. She was so proud of herself for pulling Leyton's waffle plate off the table the other day. She was licking her fingers before we even knew what happened.

Balancing. She will let go after pulling up and balances well for a few seconds.

Singing. She loves to sing! It is precious. She will sing "roh-roh-roh" for "Row Your Boat"

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. She is so fast and will already have done whatever it is I didn't want her to do before I can blink.

Says "dada," "mama," "uh-oh," "bah-bah" (bottle), "ley-ley" and "no no"

She still remains to be the most easy-going, happy baby and we never have any problems anywhere we take her.


Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ten Months Old!

I figured I better update before she is no longer 10 months old! It has been a month of movin' & groovin' and chatting up a storm. Elise is officially now all over the house and loving it (she started crawling at 9 months). She is pulling up as well, but hasn't really started cruising. 
She waves and says "bye, bye"
She says "uh-oh" when she drops something (usually on purpose)
In general, she doesn't stop babbling
She can give kisses, but she is pretty picky about giving them away.
She follows her brother around the house and thinks everything he does is hysterical.
She fights her afternoon nap with a vengeance, but sleeps around 12 hours at night so no complaining here. 
She is still eating purees for the most part. I cannot get her interested in table food- she gags as soon as it hits her mouth. But she eats yogurt melts and puffs with no problem.
She is so happy all of the time and remains to be a very easy going, cuddle baby.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

9 months and a picture update

I'm behind- once again! What is wrong with me? There have been lots of changes/developments with Elise this past month it seems, so I will try to document them. 

• She is a tried and true booty scooter. Homegirl can really get around on that behind. Granted, she isn't very fast, but she can slowly get her way across the room if she wants

• While I'm not sure she will ever do a traditional crawl, she has been rocking on her hands and knees.

• She will pull up a little bit. She will pull all the way to standing while holding on to my hands, but she will only get about halfway up while holding on to other objects. 

• She is obsessed with my computer charger cord. You could dangle a toy in front of her face, but she would still go for the cord. Everytime. 

• She is such a copycat and tries to mimic everything we do. She even tries to sing with me sometimes.  She is saying mama, dada, and Ley-ley (although sometimes it comes out "la-la" or yey-yey").

• She is waving and clapping

• She finally has 2 teeth!

• She is just now able to tolerate yogurt melts and gerber puffs. She is still not really sure about them though. So obviously we have not ventured into table foods. 

• She is always so happy and just adores her brother. I could squeeze on her all day long!

I had to add a few recent pics - including some of Leyton.

outtake- I could eat her up

Leyton's finds at the Church Easter Egg Hunt