Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Letter to my Five Year Old


Today you are five. FIVE! A 'whole hand' old. I made the mistake of watching some of your baby videos. Bad idea, momma. I don't think any of your birthdays before have been so bittersweet. Five just seems so 'old'. You are going to be in Kindergarten before I know it. If I'm being honest, I want you to stay four forever. Then on the other hand, it is so fun to watch you grow into the little person you are becoming. How can it be that you have only been in our lives for five years? I can't imagine a time when you weren't here - when every decision I made wasn't affected by you or your sister.

You have grown up SO much this past year. You are officially a little BOY, a little man. No more toddler anything. Pretty soon I won't be buying your clothes from the toddler section, but the boy's section. I used to look at those clothes and think how big they were. That is just unreal to me.

What can I tell you about your self now that I don't want to forget? You have become so imaginative and creative. This summer, you really took an interest in coloring, painting and drawing. Being an artist myself, I was so excited to see you take this interest on. And you are really good at it too. Even your teachers have bragged on your 'artistry' skills. Almost everyday you ask us to draw the outlines of something (usually a train or sometimes flowers for mommy) and you will sit down with your colors and go at it until you feel it is done. But you have such 'perfectionist' tendencies, which daddy and I have no idea where they came from. You get so angry if something doesn't look just right or if it doesn't go exactly like you have in your mind. Let's try to 'roll with the punches' a little better our 5th year, ok?  

You started t-ball last Spring and daddy and I were so proud watching you. You loved to hit the ball, but preferred to watch everyone else tumble over the ball in the outfield. 

Trains. You still love trains. You are the only child I know that could sit and give your undivided attention to a documentary on locomotives on the History channel then ask to watch it again. You know more about trains than I do. I don't know where it comes from, but I can't imagine there will ever be a time when you won't dream of being a train conductor or pray that we get stopped by one when nearing a track. 

You are so curious and smart. You must ask one hundred questions a day, and some of them are tough. I know I'm bias, but you are so wise beyond your years in many ways. 
You are so imaginative as well. You love to make up stories, and can play for hours with your legos, trains, tractors and cars. 

You have such a kind heart. You are always plucking a wildflower out of the yard (or a weed, sometimes a pinecone) for me. You draw me about 5 things a day "to hang in my office" and you are so generous with your hugs and snuggles. Sometimes I worry though, please don't ever want you to be too worried about what others think. 

And can I just talk for a minute about how good of a brother you are? It has been so fun to watch you develop in that role, and you continually impress us. I mean, let's be honest, little sister is something else. And she is always up in your business. Then when she is not poking around in your stuff, she is hitting you because she thinks it is funny. But you are so patient and gentle with her. You are our eyes when we are not right there with her - if she is doing something dangerous or something she shouldn't be, you are right there to let us know. Sometimes, I catch you randomly hugging her or kissing her on the head. She swats you away, but you don't care. She is so lucky to have you. 

You are still such a momma's boy. Please don't ever change that. Every night after prayers, you say "lay down with me, but not for just a minute." Then you give me the best "squeeze" in the world. I love you so much my little man. Time has flown by with you in our lives. Happy Birthday! 

Letter, Year Four

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